It starts at the park

It's where childhood memories are made; picnics, play dates or pure relaxation, The Avenue’s huge parklands are the heart of the community. Three quarters of the park are open green spaces, featuring exquisite Australian Grey Box and Red Gum trees that form part of the Cumberland Plain Woodlands.

1.2 hectares of open space will be yours to enjoy at the Avenue, with room aplenty for family picnics, after-school frolicking and casual community gatherings. 

Mirvac Development Director, Nino Babani explains that when conceptualising the community at The Avenue, the design team carefully considered the lifestyle of future residents. 

“The Avenue enjoys an enviable location, connected to nature, family and life, we had to understand the needs of the community to ensure every resident gets the most from the huge open spaces and stunning setting,” he said. 

Thus, 1.2 hectares has been dedicated to outdoor recreational areas – kids ride their bikes to the children’s playground, while parents set up the picnic or indulge in some quiet reading. It is public space, used by all for the best of the Australian lifestyle. Meet friends, watch your children laugh, exercise in peace or join a team.
“At the heart of The Avenue is the park, and everyone has been well catered for. There is plenty of play equipment to suit both younger and older kids as well as an abundance of family facilities such as picnic settings, shaded seating and kick around areas for ball sports. For those wanting time out there is also quiet spots for relaxation.” explains Nino.

“The positioning of equipment and facilities throughout the park has been thoroughly planned to ensure the community socialises together and friendships are sparked. Importantly the park will be ready to use when the first residents move in.”